Mazatlan public work on Camaron Sabalo will not end the flooding problems


To mitigate this problem, there must be another stage of the work

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The work currently being carried out on Avenida Camarón Sábalo (Golden Zone) only contemplates the beautification, but does not promise to end the flooding problems, said the president of the College of Architects of Mazatlán, José de Jesús Reyes Machaín.

17 03 golden zone work march 2020

The professional pointed out that the project talks about changing the concrete of the roads and sidewalks, as well as including the bike path and although he stressed that there are parts where pipes will be installed, he pointed out that to end this problem, engineering work is required that has not been released.

“In the steps where it floods there, engineering work has to be done: big problems, big solutions. What is to be done there? A system of sumps and pumps to be able to drain and remove all that water, because the project is contemplating exactly the same levels, the same returns, the same accesses; it is simply beautification ”.

17 03 golden zone work march 2020

“Where it floods it will continue to flood, the flood works will not end, there a hydrological study would have to be carried out to determine which are the lowest parts and to see a strategy, an engineering work to be able to remove the water” he explained.

In this regard, the Secretary of Public Works of the State, Osbaldo López Angulo, explained that the pipes being introduced are not for storm drainage. However, he did not rule out that there may be a second stage for the work, although he did not specify a tentative date.

17 03 golden zone work march 2020

“This pipeline has nothing to do with the flood since this is about drinking water and drainage. For the floods, some preparations will be left for later, in another contract, to carry out the flood mitigation works. The necessary facilities will be left under the concrete for when this next stage is carried out, ”explained López Angulo.

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