VIDEO: Motorcyclist almost kills spectators during Mazatlan’s Moto week

A spectator of the traditional parade suffered a fractured left ankle, both were assisted by the PC and the Red Cross

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – A failed stunt performed by a participant of Motorcycle Week, left two injured people, including a tourist from the center of the country, as well as material damage to the sports unit in which he was traveling.

The accident occurred in the north to south lane of Avenida del Mar in front of Las Gavias, the motorcyclist involved ended up hitting and dislocating his left arm and man after hitting a palm tree and falling into the sand after getting on the bike path and sidewalk and missing several pedestrians

The two-wheeled vehicle hit the area used as a visitor bench and injured a man waiting for the traditional parade of motorcycles for moto week.

Witnesses to the events immediately gave notice to the corresponding authorities and aid to attend to both persons; the motorcyclist was identified as Daniel, 17, a resident of Santa Fe, south of Mazatlán, the second person did not report his data but suffered a fracture in his left ankle.

The motorcycle was taken to the corresponding hospital.

Source: linea directa

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