Mazatlan’s Huellitas Foundation sterilization campaign a success


Dogs and cats are cared for public health and encourage animal control

Dogs and cats are sterilized in the Bullfighting campaign

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The dog and cat sterilization campaign launched this weekend at the Cobaes 36 facilities, the “Huellitas” Foundation, has sterilized approximately 40 to 60 animals from yesterday and today, gave to know, Brenda González, in charge of these days.

He commented that said campaign is carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Health, in the various municipalities of the state.

He said that these campaigns are mostly carried out or carried out for public health and it is not just because the animals stop reproducing, more than anything it is for public health, he indicated.

With this type of etherization, he continued, the life cycle of the animals is lengthened, because a pet that is sterilized is an animal that will not develop mammary gland tumors.

14 03 Sterilization

“We hope this Sunday that a hundred pets will visit us so that in order to achieve between 100 and 150 castrations between the two days,” he added.

Lastly, he pointed out that this service to the animals has a recovery cost of 100 pesos for each surgery performed on the animal.

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