U.S. asked its citizens not to take cruises; in Los Cabos, they canceled 3 arrivals


In Los Cabos, there have been 3 cancellations of cruise ships arrivals, due to the measures implemented by the coronavirus

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS ). Due to the situation surrounding the coronavirus worldwide, the Government of the United States issued an alert to its travelers, urging them to avoid cruise ships; In Los Cabos, there were already 3 arrivals canceled so far this March.

“US citizens, particularly travelers with underlying health problems, should not cruise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point to an increased risk of Covid-19 infection in a cruise environment, ”says the statement issued by the State Department.

The alert also details that older travelers with health problems should avoid crowded places, nonessential trips, long plane trips, and especially embark on cruises.

For its part, the Comprehensive Port Administration (API) in C abo San Lucas indicated that 2 of the 3 arrivals contemplated for this March 9 were canceled, in order to attend to the health measures implemented by the neighboring country to the north.

Meanwhile, some of the cruises postponed the date to arrive at the South Californian port until midweek.

In that sense, the director of Tourism and Economy of Cabo San Lucas, Fátima Miranda Cortés said that work is being done to inform people about the virus, however, cruise ship reservations have decreased by 20 or 30%.

Spring break, in the month of March, is the time when the tourist destination is busiest, with around 30 cruises arriving at the port, he said. “So things could get worse as the month passes, ” he predicted the municipal official in Los Cabos to Los Angeles Times.

Source: bcsnoticias.mx

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