Mazatlan’s Monument to women is painted purple and green


Today, in the framework of the International Women’s Day, Mazatlecas led by the Perlas del Pacífico Collective, made a march that started in the Venustiano Carranza Park and culminated in the monument to the Mazatleca Women.

At 5:30 pm, the first contingent of victims’ families began the peaceful march.

Participants from different feminist groups, organizations, workers, students and minors, gave speeches in which they denounced inequalities and gender violence against women.

During their journey through Olas Altas, bathed in purple, they indicated their anger towards the authorities in the absence of security in the country. “Not one more”, “Do not stay silent”, “Yes to the National Unemployment”, were some of the phrases that stood out on the cards.

Using the green scarf on the wrist or neck, they highlighted the importance of women having the right to legal and safe abortions throughout the country.

Once at the monument, they offered a minute of silence for those who are no longer in the fight and one of the members of the contingent managed to climb the monument to the Mazatleca Woman to place green and purple handkerchief; characteristic colors of the movement.

The children were present carrying cards with messages of support and made a dynamic with the participants.

In a supportive environment, Isabella Sabla performed a performance entitled “Eggs to the Fatherland”, in which she showed the reality that many women live when they were killed.

To end the rally, the participants hugged and showed their full support to the relatives of those who are no longer there.

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