Mazatlan receives four cruise ships in the week


As a whole, 8,621 people arrived yesterday at the port of Mazatlan, which generates a good economic spill

Mazatlan.-  This week, four cruise ships have arrived at the port of Mazatlan. Yesterday, Norwegian Joy and Oosterdam vessels filled the city with visitors, which was noted with the increase in vehicular traffic around the city center

Cars were slow to advance, as traffic policemen crossed foreigners through Angel Flores and March 21 streets.

Visitors walked along the boardwalk, the Pino Suarez market, the Machado square, and the Cathedral.

Tourists were able to enjoy the show of the divers in the Sánchez Taboada esplanade.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the arrival of 18 cruise ships to the port is expected for this month.
With the visit of the two boats yesterday, they add 32 arrivals so far this year.

The Norwegian Joy was the first to arrive in the city at 06:00 hours, and sailed at 5:00 pm, with a total of 4,233 passengers and 1,757 crew. 

The Oosterdam arrived an hour later and sailed at 4:30 pm, with 858 passengers and 773 crew members.

In total 8 thousand 621 people arrived. The boats came from Los Cabos and were destined for Puerto Vallarta. 


The arrival of tourists left a good economic spill in the port, as the restaurants in the city center were full of visitors who enjoyed the typical cuisine of Mazatlan.

The carriers also had profits with the arrival of the boats.

Aurigueros and pulmoneros strolled foreigners through the emblematic places of the city.

Antonio López, an artist, sells paintings. He said that tourists like their work.

I have had good sales with the arrival of the cruises, my jobs are finished in 15 minutes, he said.

Prices vary from 500 to 700 pesos, and this week has sold more than 18 paintings.

In addition, visitors also bought souvenirs. The most required are distinctive keychains and t-shirts from Mazatlan.

Traders reported that they have had a good increase in sales with the arrival of cruise ships.

Source: el debate

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