Cable car coming to Mazatlan



Resultado de imagen de el faro mazatlan

A new tourist attraction will come to this port, it is the installation of a cable car so that both tourists and locals can enjoy seeing the natural panoramas of Mazatlan from the top, this was confirmed by the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Resultado de imagen de el faro mazatlan

Although he did not give much information about it or a date for the arrival of the cable car, he said it is a fact that he will arrive in Mazatlan soon.

Resultado de imagen de cable car

“The cable car is a fact for Mazatlan, I don’t have the date but it’s a fact,” he said.


The new attraction could be a slope several meters high that will leave from the top of the hill of the crestón or lighthouse of Mazatlan and would cross the sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean to the Paseo Centenario pass.

Not everyone is happy about the Cable Car project

The destruction of the landscape in Mazatlan

The creation of infrastructure in public spaces such as the lighthouse is detrimental to the landscape that visitors are looking for and what Mazatlan offers as a tourist destination, Joel Bojórquez Sauceda said.

The research professor at the Faculty of Marine Sciences, who also teaches in the Coastal Zone Management career, said that the construction that is intended to be done on the beach that borders the Crestón treatment plant and the cable car overlaps.

According to the publication made in the Ecological Gazette of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), it is an investment of 20 million pesos in which an individual requests that an environmental impact manifesto be authorized to fill in and build a tower and green areas, on an area of ​​5 thousand 374.3 square meters of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, although it specifies that it will fill 4 thousand 081.281 square meters.

Called Centennial Tower, the project includes a five-level complex with roof for elevator service area, green spaces, sidewalks, pavements, palapas, pools, bathrooms, and guardhouse.

The cable car project, promoted by the government of the state of Sinaloa, will require an investment of 400 million pesos, as published in the Gazette.

But this is not well seen at all by the specialists since they consider that the main natural capital of the Mazatlecos is being urbanized: its landscape.

Before the project to relocate the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Crestón, with the diversion of the submarine emitter that is intended to be made towards the new plant that is built-in Urías, this space – at the foot of the Crestón – would be cleared.

“They make a millionaire investment to free the space that provides a better option to access the landscape that is the natural capital of the Mazatlecos, and on the other hand you generate a private work that destroys the landscape, that ends with the natural capital and public works of the cable car, ”he said.

“It is criminal that public spaces are being privatized, and not only interest as a public space, because if it were on the other side of the boardwalk, it is not so much a problem, although little by little it is already moving from natural landscape to urban landscape” , he said referring to the real estate boom that has triggered the construction of towers on Avenida del Mar.

JOEL BOJÓRQUEZ.  Condominiums affect the landscape and legality.
JOEL BOJÓRQUEZ. Condominiums affect the landscape and legality.

“That has a different value at the time of the promotion and as a deciding factor for people who want to go to a place where they have contact with nature,” he said.

Bojórquez Sauceda hopes that the City Council of Mazatlan will maintain the line with which this period of government began, that of not authorizing invasive projects of spaces that belong to all Mazatlecos.

“I think that this is the most serious project that exists right now (the one on the tower on the beach) that would affect all Mazatlecos, if there was already a strong opposition to the North Beach jolts, in front of Facimar, which does not greatly affect sight measurement; that tower of condominiums there would have a much more serious affectation in terms of affectation of the landscape, but also in terms of affectation of legality, ”he said.

The Zofemat where the construction of the tower is intended to be authorized has a cadastral code.

“How was it that a private company appropriated that space? I don’t see any legal mechanism available to privatize. That they have obtained concession of that land that does not even exist because it will be land won to the sea, that is to say that a land would be assigned that does not exist yet, that once it exists, there are the mechanisms of how to assign those won lands to the sea ” , I observe.

The specialist said they have reviewed the Environmental Impact Manifests Entered the Semarnat, both the cable car and the tower and overlap, as the cable car has in its project build one of its stations.

“Obviously they overlap with the project of the condominium tower, there they will have to decide on one or the other project, although the ideal would be that they did not build anything and the landscape would follow everyone’s pleasure and delight,” he said.

– Does the cable car also consider it invasive to the landscape?

—Yes, of course, any work that transforms the landscape, that changes the landscape, that urbanizes it, that anthropizes it, is detrimental to natural capital

The lighthouse is being urbanized with the construction of streets, platforms, stairways, concrete, stone, they are transforming it, he added.

It is a fact that the construction of all this infrastructure increases the number of visitors to the lighthouse, he said, which has an impact on bird populations and other organisms.

“All those animals that are in the lighthouse are going to be disturbed by human presence (…) the level of resilience that some organisms have allowed them to remain in that habitat, but each time we increase the level of transformation, and increase the number of users and activities that are carried out there, are moving or we are deteriorating the habitat of those organisms ”, he lamented.


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