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In mid-March, it is expected that the funicular, about 50 to 60 meters on its rails, installed on the top of Cerro del Vigía and as an exit point at the 1873 Mazatlan Observatory, will be in service to the public, combined with a guided visit to this property that dates back to the end of the 19th century in the time of Don Porfirio Díaz, former president of Mexico.

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At that location, the first and only observatory was born towards the four cardinal points of Mazatlan and it is preserved as a historical building by the INAH, with minimal restorations to privilege its French-born beauty. It will even be used as a museum and in that location, there are several objects from those years, such as a room, trunks, an air bugle that are used to announce the departure or arrival of a ship and also for maneuvers on the dock.

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There are several levels of the 1873 Mazatlan Observatory, even in the lower part there is a movie theater and other areas. Then the platform where the funicular leaves and returns. Upstairs in the part of the observation space itself, some places have been installed to function as bars and some alcoholic foods and beverages such as craft beers can be consumed.

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Undoubtedly, the funicular, the well-maintained garden areas, the museum, the bar room and the beautiful panoramic views from Cerro del Vigía will be a great attraction for local, national and international tourists.

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The entrance fee has not been defined, although the ticket office is already at the entrance of this beautiful multi-story building. The entrance will be through the square called “El Corazón”, in front of the other great historical icon, the Mazatlan Lighthouse, one of the highest in the world in a natural way.

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