From the countryside to Mazatlan; Market of products grown without pesticides


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It was created to teach how to grow clean and now they show what can be done without having to use methods that harm the land and its inhabitants.

It is the Centro Ecológico de Mazatlán located on Leonismo Avenue, in front of what was the forest of the city, where a clean food market was installed this day.

Direct from the rural communities of the municipality and from other areas in the south of the entity, experts arrived who grew and reaped different products on their land.

Pumpkin and tender flowers of different species, eggs, cabbage, purslane, tomatoes, serrano pepper, among others, were sold as fast as they were shown to the public.

But there were also products made in the communities. Of blue Creole corn the chubby and tamales from El Palmito Concordia; Other fat-free pork beans.

Resultado de imagen de productos organicos mazatlan

From the wit of a woman the dry shampoo, because it does not require being in the plastic container, which contributes to helping the environment.

The biologist David Ocampo Peraza, who is in charge of this event, also organized a series of conferences where he talked about what can be done without the need for agrochemicals and a sign that everything is free of pesticides, was the fact that some of the vegetables had a trace of some pests, which could be removed manually without the need for any fumigant.

Resultado de imagen de productos organicos mazatlan

This Market will continue to be installed on other dates so that small farmers can have the opportunity to sell and make known to society the importance that can occur naturally.

Source: rasnoticias, el sol de mazatlan