Victor Manuel Flores: 39 years working at the Mazatlan Aquarium

At 72 years old, Víctor Manuel Flores Solís remembers how he has been working for the Mazatlan Aquarium for 39 years, initially as a diver in the capture of marine species throughout the Mexican Pacific coast, that was his main function.

But Don Victor has done everything in the Mazatlan Aquarius, from decorating fish tanks and feeding the animals, to swimming with sharks, catching crocodiles and helping in the construction of the sea lion pools, the Terrarium and the Aviary.

And although he is already retired, he rweceived a call from the Aquarium to take charge of one of the most important projects of this educational and recreational center, which is the reproduction of seahorses or hippocampus, an endangered species on the verge of extinction.

From an early age Don Victor ventured into fishing octopus and callus, an activity that allowed him to learn how to scuba dive without equipment, with long underwater times, and thus be able to capture all kinds of marine species, including sharks, damsels, beautiful gregorio, Rainbow and seahorses.

For more than 15 years, Don Manuel was the main diver and the pioneer in the shark swim exhibition inside the Aquarium.

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Source: OEM