Durango woman finds her grandfather on Google Maps years after he passed away


Google Maps is a brilliant tool for exploring parts of the world that you are never likely to visit or taking a trip down the literal memory lane of somewhere you used to live. 

For some people, though it can serve as a time capsule, preserving a memory or a life that has since departed. 

This is exactly what happened to a Twitter user named Yajaira, who earlier this month, shared a video of Google street view. 

The clip sees her travelling down the streets near a farm in Durango, Mexico. The farm used to belong to her grandfather who passed away a few years ago.

As Yajaira explained she sadly never got to say goodbye to her grandfather but to her surprise, there he was just sitting right there outside his farm on Google Maps.

Yajaira explained the emotion of finding her grandpa on the internet in such a manner. 

I felt chills and I couldn’t help but to cry. I shared it with my family once I realised the tweet was getting so much attention. I wanted to wait, but I decided to send it them before they saw it somewhere else.

He was so old and I am sure he was confused with the car and what was on top it of. He was probably wondering what was going on.

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