The port of Mazatlan will reach 520 thousand cruise passengers this year


Gil Díaz said that Coronavirus in Asia could divert ships to the Mexican Rivera

Mazatlan, Sin. This year Mazatlan will be very close to reaching the record number recorded in the arrival of visitors on board the cruise, since the arrival of 517 thousand cruise passengers is estimated; advanced Alfonso Gil Díaz.

The director of Strategic Projects of the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa , recalled that according to the records of the Integral Port Administration of Mazatlan, in the past the port has received 520 thousand ship visitors per year.

He commented that by 2020, 156 vessels are confirmed, the majority of which have a large capacity with more than 500 thousand passengers and crew members, against 129 ships with 385 thousand passengers in 2019.

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This year we will almost reach the top of what we have had in the past, we have 520 thousand passengers, and this year including Topolobampo will be 517 thousand international visitors.

 Alfonso Gil Díaz

In addition, Gil Díaz commented that the Coronavirus health problem that keeps Asia on alert could divert some cruises to the Mexican Riviera in the coming months, and therefore there would be changes in the itineraries.

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With the problem in Asia, many cruises are going to be diverted and it could benefit Mazatlan, because it is very likely that the cruises will get out of there for a good time and maybe we have something to do. 

Alfonso Gil Díaz

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With the arrival of the Royal Princess cruise ship, Mazatlan closed January with 16 cruise ships, more than 53 thousand passengers and an economic spill in the order of 3.7 million dollars.

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