Man playing with rats goes viral on social networks (VIDEO)

Photo: Tik Tok

The video of a man has gone viral on social networks on which he can be seen playing with “trained” big, fat street rats, which the man juggles on his hands.

In the video you can see a man who is sitting in the street with at least four rats, giving them warmth with his hand while playing with them.

After choosing one of the rodents, the man carefully throws it away and then, with his finger, tells the rat to return to its original position (which it does!).

What most attracts the attention of the viewer, is that one of the rats jumps to his hand making a “risky” mortal jump. People online was also moved by the man’s humbleness.

Apparently the video was originally published on the site known as Tik Tok.

The Mazatlan Post