Mazatlan: Rafael Buelna ave remodeling project continues as conceived

Except for the minimum modifications, made after the start of the work, they are the only adjustments, but none of the plans undergo any change or stroke, that is, the cycle path goes where it was said, authorities refer

Mazatlan, Sin.- No additional modification exists, so far, in the remodeling project of Rafael Buelna Avenue, since what was initially established, except for certain adjustments indicated, after starting the works, are the only ones made and based on it carries out the work, said Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez.

The director of Social Welfare said that there are no alleged changes in the work, as they did believe, some voices surrounding the artery; that is to say, from the cycle route that will go inside the ridge, like the other referents of the line for the mobility of the vehicles and the wide sidewalks, and where the parking lots are marked.

“They are with the same idea, in fact they are working on the original project, with the modifications of the 50 centimeters that had been gained, of 36 meters, I think that under 33 meters, from there on out there is no modification” .

He indicated that he maintains permanent communication with those responsible for the work of Rafael Buelna Avenue, where they are clear that work must be delivered on time, at least in the first stage, and that is before Carnival.

“Talking to the Director of Strategic Projects, the project continues as it was conceived with the minimum modifications, Eleviel, director of Strategic Projects, and we are going to go like this, what was requested is that the contractors continue working at the speed they are going , the project continues that on February 20 opens the first stage ”.

For now, the works maintain their natural course of development, according to the sections that are treated, although the first point that comprises the Avenue of the Sea to Reforma, has important advances, refer the authorities responsible for the work.

Source: linea directa

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