Mazatlan young car washer “Lorenzo Rangel” dedicated to his job

Mazatlan Sinaloa – Working without a fixed salary and the climatic conditions, are the main difficulties faced by those who work in this work; It is not a simple task, but in order to make a living and bring sustenance to the family, they do it with great dedication.

The need for a job led Lorenzo Rangel to dedicate himself to this job, for four years, car washes in the parking lot of the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the UAS and in the area of ​​Playa Pinitos, little by little he has been earning his customers and occasionally do homework.

There are good days, bad days, as in any other job, right now I carry two vehicles, sometimes I don’t wash even one.


He does not handle a fixed rate but says they get to give from 30 to 50 pesos per wash.

“There are people who come from outside and they do give me 100 pesos when they like how I leave the vehicle. I use car shampoo, water and clean them with a flannel.”

Two years ago José Luis started washing cars in the North Beach area, the possibility of losing his life led him to value it and that is how he decided to look for an honest job.

I was motivated by the life I was leading, when you realize that life is worth it when you put the batteries and take as an honest job.

Jose Luis

Your quota is voluntary, whatever people want to give you; However, he states that there are people who leave without paying a peso.

His record is 11 vehicles washed in a single day, but his goal is to reach 23 and he is sure that one day he will achieve it.


Around 12 people are dedicated to washing cars in the city center, although the City Council does not have an official register on how many people exercise there or elsewhere in the port.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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