Mazatlan: in “Carnaval” state of mind


The first giant popping up in Mazatlan’s Malecon is called Brazilian Joy (Alegría Brasileña), and has been installed on the coastal promenade in front of the Fernando Espinoza Aquarium

Foto: Carlos Zataráin

In Mazatlan it is a big tradition to see the “giant puppets” appear, getting people in Carnival spirit, only one month before the festivities.

The giant surprised tourists and locals on the coastal promenade, in front of the Mazatlan Aquarium.

Brazilian Joy, a puppet that is inspired by the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, makes reference to soccer, which is a religion in that country, and it is decorated with Amazonian symbolisms.

The puppets for the CARNAVAL that this year bears the name “We are America: Passion, Joy and Hope”, come from the inspiration of local plastic artist Jorge González Nery, and more of them will be placed along the Malecon on the following days.

Alfredo García, resident of Mazatlan, told The Mazatlan Post that “Carnaval used to be a lot better than it is today… and that last year, was one of the poorest versions ever remembered of this important traditional regional Festivity.”

Mazatlan Carnaval (Photo: archive)

The Mazatlan Post