90% of the shrimp fleet docked; 3,200 unemployed fishermen in Mazatlan


The president of the Shipowners Union confirmed that after the end of the year celebrations, around 400 ships no longer returned to the catches

After the holidays year – end, about 400 shrimp boats Mazatlan were moored at the dock fishing in the Parque Bonfil confirmed Jesus Omar Lizarraga Manjarrez.

The president of the Union of Shipowners of the Pacific Coast, said that three thousand 200 fishermen have been unemployed.

This season for most of the boats lasted two or three months, because the work was finished soon. Jesús Guzmán │The Sun of Mazatlan

90% of the shrimp fleet right now is stopped in Mazatlan, and without operating with unemployed people, it was only 10% who managed to recover operating costs to be able to restart catches at this beginning of the year, unfortunately what we are living is consequence of lack of attention and solution to the problems Jesús Omar Lizárraga ManjarrezADVERTISING

He commented that this season for the majority lasted two and three months, the work is already finished, now they will have to wait until September to see if they can continue in the activity, because most of the fisheries and cooperatives were heavily indebted to the different houses Commercial and financial institutions.

It will be a complex thing to bet on fishing in the future, but the oral problems of the activity are solved, this is almost over Jesus Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez

Lizárraga Manjarrez lamented that the federal authority has lagged, forgotten and without defining what he wants for this primary activity, since a year after this administration no solution has been given to the main problems.

“We had been saying this for more than a year, that it had to be addressed and it was not done, and here we are living what was not done, unemployment, the economic lack of those who depend on this activity and more consequences come unfortunately is a chain and on this we depend many people, both directly and indirectly, we are on the eve of God, to see what happens, ”he said.

The fishing leader regretted that under current conditions, they will hardly be able to offer employment alternatives with alternative shrimp fishing, especially the high operating costs to get the boats to catch and low product prices.

Previous years when the shrimp season was over we were looking for alternate fisheries such as shark, scale and squid, but unfortunately this was over about three years ago, from the gasoline in 2017 when the operating costs no longer allowed to go out to those fisheries, that are relatively cheaper Jesús Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez


500 ships make up the Mazatlan shrimp fleet

400 ships are already moored.

3,200 unemployed fishermen

10% of vessels managed to recover expenses.

September 30 began the 2019-2020 shrimp season.

50% fell production compared to last year.

22 pesos costs a liter of diesel.

40 thousand liters of diesel occupies a vessel.

780 thousand pesos are required for a catch trip, only in diesel.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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