100 street vendors fined for invading Mazatlan municipal area


Mazatlan – Senior Officer has applied around 100 fines to sellers in the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone for extending their sales to the municipal area; reported the Deputy Director of Commerce, Rafael Vinicio Parra Alaniz.

There are some vendors that exceed the limit of sales space, that is to say they come to sell to the municipal area, and that is where we sanction them, there we have had some 100 fines so far from the administration.

Parra Alaniz

He said that the City Council has the power to inspect and monitor the businesses that have the corresponding permit, both in the municipal area and Zofemat, which seeks to regulate the trade and that the permits fit with the sales order, the place and the commodity.

He pointed out that inspectors of the General Office perform daily inspection and surveillance in the Federal Terrestrial Maritime Zone, to regulate trade in terms of the meters that correspond to each permit.

The traveling permit tells you that you can sell in the federal zone, and the regulation tells you how many meters you can sell, from sand to what is the Malecon.

Vinicio Parra

Vinicio Parra commented that in view of this inspection work and the fines that have been applied in the current administration, the recidivism of invading the municipal area by vendors with permission from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has greatly decreased. .

He clarified that this support is given, first because Semarnat does not have enough inspectors to cover the entire coastal area of ​​Mazatlan, and second, because the regulation empowers them to do inspection and surveillance both in the municipal and federal zones.

“What is sought is to regulate the sellers, which is to perceive them in the same way, if we can act in what is the fine, we have that faculty, we regulate what are the meters that correspond to your permit, which frames the turn of sale with what they are selling, ”he concluded.

With the sanctions the recidivism has diminished, and to the sellers they think it to come to sell to municipal zone.

RAFAEL VINICIO PARRA, Deputy Director of Commerce

Source: sol de mazatlan

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