Mazatlan: Due to the closing of Rafael Buelna, buses will take these routes


Bicentenario Avenue and Paseo Lomas de Mazatlan will be one of the main

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The remodeling work on Rafael Buelna Avenue began on Thursday and, consequently, some sections will be closed to road traffic, so urban trucks will have to modify their routes during the coming weeks .

The president of the Urban Truck Alliance, Rodolfo Osuna, explained that the routes that go to the Golden Zone (such as Cocos Juárez, Urías Sábalo, San Joaquín Sábalo and Alarcón Sábalo) will have to enter Lomas de Mazatlán to reach Avenida Camarón Shad.

“They grab the Bicentennial by Pancho Villa, they arrive at Canseco Avenue, they turn U in the CETIS school and from there they take Paseo Lomas de Mazatlan Street, to go down to the Golden Zone,” he explained.

As for the Cerritos Juárez route, it will not be passing through the Grand Plaza, but will continue its route through Insurgentes until it reaches Avenida del Mar, until it reaches Avenida Camarón Sábalo.

“La Dorados, just go down to the ISSSTE and already enters the Infonavit Beaches, grabs the Bicentennial and goes there too,” added Rodolfo Osuna.

Meanwhile, the Treasurer of Águilas del Pacífico, Roberto González, explained that “in the case of the Chulavista route, it leaves normal until we reach Francisco Solís, there in Francisco Solís we take a right to the El Toreo condominiums, there we move to the left to grab La Marina Avenue and enter from behind the Home Depot, until we exit the Avenue that faces the Grand Plaza and there we take the normal route. Round trip there will be, for now. ”

The other route of the orange trucks that will be modified is Infonavit Beaches, but only back.

“Infonavit Beaches right now we are moving it (…) as soon as we return, there is still normal, back instead of entering the avenue that is through the Chef’s Taquiza in López Mateos, we cross the Sanchez Celis out there and we go to the avenue that grabs the Alliance with the Via Zaragoza, ”he explained.

Source: reaccion informaiva

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