Planning a trip to Durango? better take your coat…


Through social media accounts, this first of January in the morning, Civil Protection of the State of Durango confirmed the snowfall in the municipalities of Santiago Papasquiaro, Tepehuanes, Otaez, Canatlán, Canelas, San Dimas and Nuevo Ideal, before which the population was urged to take proper precautions.

From the very early morning hours of January 1st, Civil Protection announced through social networks the fall of snow in the communities of El Conejo, Potrerillos, El Huacal, Buenos Aires, the Swing and Ciénega de Fraires of the municipality of Tepehuanes.

Civil Protection also reported snow in the communities of Marquezotes de Guadalupe, Los Lirios, La Joya de los Quijotes and La Plazuela, all of the municipality of Canatlán, and minutes later the snowfall was reported in the town of Vascogil, in the municipality of Canelas .

Also in the city of Durango, a cold rain fell all day long on Dec. 31, with drizzle intervals, and right now temperatures range between five and 10 degrees Celsius there.

The Mazatlan Post