Jalapeño pepper crop picks up in southern Sinaloa


The production of jalapeño pepper in the region is at its peak, mainly in the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa; where a yield of between 40 and 60 tons per season is contemplated.

Jorge Luis Sánchez, organic agricultural producer, stated that the season started in November of this year and is expected to end in April 2020.

“The jalapeño chili pepper season in the region lasts for 6 months, during which producers obtain at least three crops, which are usually very good,” said Jorge Luis Sánchez.

In addition to jalapeño, other varieties of chili peppers can grow in the area of Concordia such as anaheim, yellow pepper and bell pepper, which are of export quality.

The agricultural producer acknowledged that the harvest of this type of planting is profitable, always to the extent that they sell it at a good price, without having to fal into drastic circumstances, as has happened in other seasons, during which the kilo of jalapeño has been sold for one peso.

The Mazatlan Post