Trucks collide and burn on the Culiacán-Mazatlán highway


Mazatlan.- Two heavy trucks were completely burned after colliding and bursting into flames near the town of Rosendo Niebla, Elota, Sinaloa.

The tragic events occurred at 02:30 hours, at kilometer 72 of the Culiacán-Mazatlán Maxipista highway.

According to a report from the local authorities, a Volvo trailer, model 2019, loaded with dairy products that circulated from south to north, was hit from the back by another truck carrying produce.

In a matter of seconds, both vehicles were engulfed in flames, and both drivers barely saved their lives.

Witnesses immediately requested the help of emergency services, and personnel of Civil Protection and Firefighters from the town of Elota arrived on site minutes later.

AMEC paramedics also attended the call, and provided medical attention to the drivers who did not need to be transferred to any hospital, even though the two of them showed signs of a nervous breakdown.

Federal Police agents took charge of the appraisal while Roadside Assistance personnel supported the transit work because traffic was stopped for more than two hours

The Mazatlan Post