Science says listening to people who always complain takes away energy


We all have a friend who complains all day. The weather, life, work or movie you saw yesterday may be a reason for these people to disagree with everyone and even with themselves.

While there are people who only do it for questioning there are others who spend vomiting words of negativity and hate. Well, being in contact with a negative person for more than 30 minutes causes the brain hippocampal neurons to take off. And it is precisely this part of the brain that is needed to solve the problems, so we begin to think that everything is becoming a disaster. The following tips can help you to know what you should do if you have a negative person by your side:

1. Take distance:

The first thing you should do is run away from that person. Yes, just like that. You need to take distance and keep negative people as far as possible. The reason? These people have that gift of turning a normal day into a terrible day. They are also taking all the energy you could spend making plans or relaxing contemplating a beautiful landscape.

2. Set limits:

With calm, respect and balance it is necessary to put limits on people who with some of their statements always try to harm.

3. Demand a solution:

For every minimal problem, this person will make a storm in a glass of water. Therefore, the best thing you can do is ask for a solution. Tell them that they should fix that problem so that, instead of complaining all the time, they find for themselves a way to solve what afflicts them so much.

4. Breathe:

So that the negative energy does not reach your body, inhale deeply and exhale all that toxic feeling. With the oxygen circulating through your body you will begin to produce endorphins and therefore, happiness.

5. Use mental techniques:

In the first point, we recommended that you avoid negative people, but if at one time you found yourself distracted and could not run away there is nothing left but to use mental techniques to block them and thus save your neurons.

6. Show him that the problem is his, not yours:

Behind a negative person, you will always find defeat and low value for enjoying the positive things in life. When he makes negative comments, he begins to smile and you tell him that, sometimes, “only positive people get things and appreciate life.”

7. Observe your thoughts:

Try to observe your behavior and what you think throughout the day to stay positive. Like the negative attitude, the positive is also sticky.

Try to get close to people who have these characteristics and take the time to observe the good things around you: read, listen to happy music and in short, as we have told you throughout this article, take distance from negative people.

Not only do they bitter you, they also take away vital energy

Source: naturalizateya, naxio

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