Mazatlan carries out pothole repairs in the city after Pemex donation

Receive a donation from Pemex 700 tons of cold asphalt mixture for these works

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Government of the Chemist Benitez Torres began Tuesday with pothole repairs in some roads of the port, after a donation received by Petróleos Mexicanos, of 700 tons of cold asphalt mixture.

Tonatiú Guerra Martínez, Director of Welfare and Social Development, said that the Municipal President of Mazatlan, where the waves break, the city of Carnival, asked Pemex that donation to rehabilitate roads in the port.

“It is a donation made by Petróleos Mexicanos at the request of the Chemical Mayor Benitez Torres, in support of the bumpy and asphalting of the streets of Mazatlan, since we have Pemex facilities inside the port, and the passage of its vehicles, pipes, and trailers, unleash the asphalt and concrete folder, ” he said.

He explained that there are 714 cubic meters of cold asphalt mixture, which is equivalent to 51 trucks of 14 cubic meters and is special for the treatment of faults and damages on asphalt, whose high-performance chemical formulation makes it extremely effective.

He mentioned that this material has a high level of adhesion regardless of the climatic conditions of the surface where the mixture is applied, keeping its chemical composition intact; It is easy to apply, resolves pothole repair definitively in minutes and does not obstruct road traffic.

Guerra Martínez mentioned that the work began on Munich Avenue and Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue, in front of the “Petróleos Mexicanos” Elementary School, and will continue in areas of the city that are most damaged until the mixture is exhausted.

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