Guadalupe Velázquez is happy bringing families together for Christmas


On this day he has his family in his heart

December 24, Christmas Eve, is a day to spend with the family; The traditional dinner is prepared and happily coexists during Christmas Eve.

But not all families or all people spend a December 24 and 25 next to those they love most, some are far away for work reasons, such as the story of Guadalupe Velázquez, 45, who for 22 years has dedicated to bring families together at Christmas.

Guadalupe Velázquez, originally from Veracruz, is a bus operator. Aware that the holidays are a high season, every year he prepares to work at Christmas.

“This is the life of us operators, I personally am aware, sometimes we have to sacrifice not being with the family during these dates to take more people,” he said.

Passionate about his work, Guadalupe does not feel sadness, because he says that he loves his work and that on free days or vacations he spends it with his family, who have already become accustomed to his trade.

“I am happy taking other families to celebrate Christmas, personally I love my work, I like it and it makes me happy and sometimes it sounds ugly but we sacrifice a Christmas or New Year to take you to you but this is how I do it and I do it with My family already knows what my work is like, ”he said.

He recalled that it was his first Christmas away from home in 2005, a date he will never forget.

“It feels ugly when there are no more vehicles next to you, when you realize that there is no more traffic that you are driving alone on the road, suddenly you feel the nostalgia of not being with yours.”

Guadalupe Velázquez will depart on a 22-hour trip to Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila but his family will also travel in his heart.

“I hope they have a good time at the grandparents’ house, there are times when children begin to feel the absence of parents but you have to find out what is not achieved at home.”

He sent a message to all the people who sometimes behave rudely with the unit operators.

Have a Merry Christmas, I would like the passenger to value the effort and sacrifice that one makes because sometimes they treat you badly,” he added.

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