Governor of Sinaloa delivers the second stretch of road to Las Glorias beach

The governor of Sinaloa announces that, before completing his term, he will modernize the entire route to encourage tourism, social and economic development in the region

Quirino Ordaz accompanied Mayor Aurelia Leal to inaugurate the Christmas festival “Guasavetón”

Guasave, Sinaloa.-  Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel inaugurated the modernization of a second four-kilometer section of the Guasave-Las Glorias highway, which involved an investment of 32 million pesos and which encourages economic sectors because of this route fishery, livestock, agricultural products are mobilized daily and, in addition, it facilitates the arrival of tourists and vacationers to the spa, but now more safely.

Quirino Ordaz arrived at this event accompanied by Mayor Aurelia Leal López who stressed that there are reasons for this date to be recorded in the history of Guasave as this work vindicates the people who benefit from the extension of 7 to 12 meters of this road .

And it is that the municipal president herself recalled that this modernization, which Quirino Ordaz fulfills without having promised it, had not only been a promise but that even in the past it had even been given a start flag without becoming a reality.

“Until now we are crystallizing this, and I want to tell you that the governor does it without leading efforts, without promising it, and the facts speak for themselves,” said Aurelia Leal who observed that this work will undoubtedly allow the generation of an entire economic corridor from Guasave to the beach.

In his message, Quirino Ordaz announced that the goal is for this modernization to reach the El Amole community, for Holy Week next year, but promised that before the end of his term, the extension of the road will be in its entirety until Las Glorias, then, said that “things should not be left halfway, progress is made and the joke is to end them.”

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The governor reiterated his support for the municipal president Aurelia Leal so that Guasave does well and said that people must be fulfilled whenever “people get tired of offers and promises, when they have decision, imagination, management capacity and relationships, not getting tired of knocking on doors, the difference is made, the one who perseveres reaches and here we are teaming up with the mayor ”.

In his technical explanation of the work, the Secretary of Public Works, Osbaldo López Ángulo, explained that the section of El Cubilete to La 700, includes 4 kilometers extending from 7 to 12 meters the width of the road and includes speed bumps, in addition vertical and horizontal signs.

As is his custom, the governor entered into a direct dialogue with the assistants and listened to the businessman Jesús Enrique Castro and a neighbor of the beneficiary communities, Germán Alonso López Garibaldi, who agreed on the high benefit of the work in terms of safety, comfort and Future development for the region.

They accompanied the state president, also, the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez and the federal deputy, Alfredo Villegas Arreola.

After this event where former mayors, restaurant owners from Las Glorias and neighbors of the beneficiary villages were present, Governor Quirino Ordaz accompanied the mayor to inaugurate the Christmas festival “Guasavetón” that brought together thousands of families in an atmosphere of their own joy dates

Relevant data

Two stages opened


12 kilometers


87 million pesos

Goal to Holy Week:

Modernize another 12 kms to El Amole

Goal to 2021:

Expand the totality to Las Glorias, 38 kms

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