Mazatlan garbage waste plant still undefined


There is nothing clear about the issue, says a member of the Commission of Urban Planning, Ecology and Public Works

On the issue of replacing the garbage dump with a solid waste treatment plant, it is not one or two proposals, but several that have reached the commission of Urbanism, Ecology and Public Works of the Cabildo de Mazatlan, for its analysis and approval; said the councilor

Rodolfo Cardona Pérez.

Other proposals have arrived, some with similar issues, others that have to do with landfills, the subject has not been thoroughly explored; here some of the councilors have been received directly, from Public Services they have taken two of us, there is not even an internal mechanism to make any decision already defined Rodolfo Cardona Pérez

However, he clarified that this is an issue that has to be addressed next year, but in a profound and open way to society.

He said that within the Cabildo there are different positions on how to address the issue, but the most prevalent is that the analysis is opened to the largest number of options for the municipality, with the idea of ​​approving the one that best suits Mazatlan.

He indicated that one of the points to consider is the economic one, since the Commune has no resources to invest in a project of that magnitude.

The proposals include treatment plants where the company would contribute all the investment, but with a long-term concession in the management of solid waste; also, there are options where the municipality would have to pay millions of pesos a year, to obtain the solid waste service.

“It is a topic that is not simple, but it is not even defined yet the subject under which it will be addressed, apart from the administration brought a definite theme of a company, now they changed the theme of the company that could be favored, I think that here is an issue that we should have total openness to see which is the best option for the population “

We have not entered in-depth on this topic because different proposals have continued to arrive, it is a subject that must be seen very carefully to see which is the best option 

Rodolfo Cardona Pérez, alderman

Source: sol de mazatlan

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