Unlike other Mexican tourists destinations Mazatlan Booz Police always on Patrol


They perform verification operation against adulterated alcohol in Mazatlan

MAZATLAN SINALOA.- On Saturday night and early Sunday of this Sunday, the Inspection and Regulations Department, in coordination with COEPRISS authorities, carried out a surprise operation to identify and verify adulterated alcohol, in the city of Mazatlan.

This type of work is done by orders of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to ensure the healthy living and fun of young people.

“To make sure that the entertainment spaces are safe places and that both young people and parents feel more and calmer when they go out to have fun,” reports the state government in a bulletin.

The objective of these operations is focused on an in-depth analysis of the best-selling alcoholic beverages, where it is intended to verify their origin and authenticity.

On this occasion, six establishments were inspected, including bar-restaurants, table dance, and nightclubs, where the corresponding tests were applied to corroborate the authenticity of the drinks that were for sale, which favorably all gave negative to adulterated alcohol.

A random selection of establishments is made, where specialists review the physical aspects of the bottles of liquor and/or wine, and then send it to a certified laboratory to examine those that are considered of doubtful origin.

Those establishments that are confirmed to sell adulterated drinks will be entitled to administrative and economic penalties.

“We invite the general public, that if they know of any establishment that presents irregularities of this type, report to our area of ​​complaints because that way they help us to detect and focus the establishments that are not offering quality products and it is with they with whom we will redouble our efforts so that they align with the established norms. Any complaint can be made directly in our offices or by phone 800-849-7911 ”, indicated in the statement.

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