La Rasta, the Best Seafood Cuisine stall in Mazatlan


Undoubtedly, Rasta left history as the best seafood cuisine in Mazatlan. La Rasta, his wife, is now a legitimate heiress of the best seafood stall in Mazatlan. The combinations of shellfish, fish, octopus, scallops and the best the “salseado” with a rich and ice-cold beer to accompany the “Rasta Loco”, one of the most requested dishes and requested even by friends who walk “drunk” or “hungover”

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But really, want quality and freshness in products of the sea? … with Rasta, plus good and kind attention. Don’t think about prices, the most important thing is how delicious it is and that its made fresh

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The strength of this cuisine is seafood that combines with fish, octopus stew, cooked shrimp ceviche and also scallops; sauces and their secret is in addition to soy and other ingredients were inventions of Rasta family

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If you do not believe me? … Come and convince yourself of truthness on the best seafood cuisine. Many and varied dishes of the Rasta.

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How to get there

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