Gringo pilgrim carries a cross and spreads the word of God in Mazatlan


The pilgrim in Mexico has so far traveled Sonora and Sinaloa

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- With a large wooden cross, the American, Edward Andrés Stagi, arrived this morning in Mazatlan, where he distributes a message of peace, which he claims he will do till he reaches South America.

He said, in a dream, Jesus asked him to proclaim the faith to the Mexican people, a country that runs parallel to the coast.

“He sent me saying, Edward carries your cross in Mexico and searches for my glory, throughout the country, so I announce that the glory of Jesus is coming to Mexico.”

The pilgrim, he said, God loves the world, so they will be saved through the sacrifice he made by being crucified to later die.

After passing through the port, he said he does not know how many days it will take him to reach the countries of South America, where he will continue to give his message of peace.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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