Great Treatment! Paisanos have had a good road trip as they pass through Sinaloa


They expressed their satisfaction to return to their places of origin this Christmas season

That they had a good trip both for the regular state of the roads and for the presence of federal agents, responded civilians interviewed in the toll booth of San Miguel interviewed by Línea Directa in its passage through Sinaloa.

“Comfortable the road, just back there that the road was a little damaged but all right, they didn’t bother me.”

Neither the federal nor the check points?

“No, nothing, they are all good people.”

Where are you coming from?

“Los Angeles”.

And how far do you have to go?

“Until Guerrero.”

What do you think of the trip on the roads of Mexico from the border to here?

“A little better than last year.”

Check points, federal agents?

“Nothing all quiet thank God even now.”

Travelers, who mostly return as a family and carry large amounts of luggage in their vehicles, expressed their satisfaction at returning to their places of origin this Christmas season.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post