Mazatlan’s Bio-barrier prevents more than 40 tons of garbage from reaching the sea


Only six months after its installation on the Juarez bridge, it fulfills the expected function

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- More than forty tons of garbage have stopped entering the sea, thanks to the bio-fence that the Government of Mazatlan through the Directorate of Ecology and Environment, put into operation in coordination with volunteers and businessmen, last June 8.

18 12 Bio-bard

This count was obtained only in the last three natural phenomena, which have hit the port within six months.

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, Director of the unit, explained that the bio-bard was recently installed and collected seventy kilograms a week.

18 12 Bio-bard

“At the beginning when the garbage was weighed it was like 70 kilos a week of plastics (…) where we have calculated the number of tons it has been in the strong climatic events, the first time it was nine tons, then twenty one and this last time, we get a complete gondola with almost ten tons, ”he explained.

The work carried out by the unit is in conjunction with a group of volunteers and businessmen who have joined in the donation of artifacts that facilitate daily work.

Such is the case of the company PMA of Sinaloa and Pezca Azteca, which this morning donated a motor for a boat, a hook with four points and a bio-boulder of buoys.

Young people of the Rehabilitation Center “Wake up a New Day”, performed the cleaning.

The bio-bard is a network fifty centimeters wide by twenty-two meters long, filled with buoys to prevent it from sinking and with lead or some heavy material to make weight.

18 12 Bio-bard

“The main objective is to prevent garbage and plastics from reaching the sea and becoming small, microscopic particles that reach the animals we feed on and then health problems come to light.”

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