Kayaker saved in front of Mazatlan Malecon


Mazatlan.- Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squadron of the municipal police made a successful rescue on Thursday night, of a swimmer who fell from a kayak and could no longer return to land.

The C4 Communications Center received the report at 6:00 p.m., which indicated that in front of the De Cima Hotel there was a person with difficulty getting out of the water, since apparently, the kayak has escaped him.

Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squadron were given the task of inspecting the designated area and located the walker, who was able to give him the support to take him out of the sea and take him to a safe area.
The person identified himself as Martin “N”, 25 years old, originally from
Mazatlan and domiciled in the Lomas de Mazatlán subdivision.
The swimmer was only tired, so there was no need to transfer to hospital.

Source: rasnoticias

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