There is a second proposal for the animal welfare center in Mazatlan


The land where the project will be executed is being legalized

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The Director of Ecology and Municipal Environment, María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, informed that there is another proposal to locate what will be the animal welfare center, since the first is to locate it in Villa Unión.

“We are waiting for the property to be legalized (Villa Unión), but we have already started another offer, on another municipal land here in an urban area, smaller but big enough for the project,” he said.

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He mentioned that as for the legal procedures, it is not yet possible to inform where the land that could be used for the center of attention is located, and said that the Public Works Department already has the development of the site, it is only to wait until it is secured One of the two spaces proposed.

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“It will not be a shelter, it will be an animal welfare center to provide surgical emergency services to street animals, sterilization, vaccination, and temporary stay, and then deliver them to rescuers and give them up for adoption; and Public Works has our request to do the project, “said the director of Ecology.

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