Sinaloa authorities will fine whoever parks at bus stops


The road and transport unit, bus drivers of Sinaloa and municipal police will work to reduce road chaos

Together they will work drivers of the public transfer, police, municipal traffic, and road and transport management, in order to provide a better service to users expressed Francisco Javier Juárez, legal advisor of the drivers union.

This after a controversy was generated in which drivers and security personnel were involved when interacting with urban transport drivers, at stops not suitable for the user.

The union informed that at a work table, it was agreed to establish official whereabouts and clear the demanding whereabouts, opportunity to expose cases of warning to drivers before being infringed and create strategies in bottlenecks in the rush hour, with the purpose of avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings that arose.

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“Hopefully it marks a before and after, from the authority for us, but also from us for society,” he said.

He said that the drivers will be trained by the municipal police and that in turn, the transit department will establish road behavior with society

“We recommend to private cars, not to park in the bus stops because there is going to park exclusively urban transport, if there is a car in the whereabouts of the bus stop and bus has to double park now it will be the infraction for the car” He pointed out.

He said that in this way society will be involved in a culture of healthy transport and traffic functionality will be less heavy.

Source: reaccion informativa

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