Cold weather scares away the scorpions in Mazatlan


Mazatlan.- Up to 80 percent have lowered the attention of schools, in which the presence of scorpions has been discovered.

The head of Vectors and Zoonoses, Víctor Arredondo Rojas, reported, the decrease in cases of this type of arachnid is due to the decrease in temperature.

At this time of the year, it is rare that they are occurring, since we are starting the cold and therefore it has stopped raining, whose summertime, the scorpion leaves its burrow.

Arredondo Rojas

However, he acknowledged, that the type of creeping animal is about to leave the courtyards again, where it has its “natural” burrows.

Arredondo Rojas, without giving a certain figure, he said, the decrease in scorpions is also reflected in the attention of people affected by bites, which go from 2 to 4 attentions daily.

Currently, he mentioned, they attend 1 to 2 schools per week, which during the strong season rises up to 20 home schools 7 days.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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