Sinaloa has 180 cases of dengue


Of this figure, in Mazatlan, there is a record of 30, and the rains could pick up in a few days

Sinaloa has a record of 180 cases of dengue so far this year, said Health Secretary Efrén Encinas.

The official stressed that of the mentioned figure, 30 are located in Mazatlan.

The heavy rains that registered on November 28 could cause a rebound of more dengue sufferers in the coming days.

So far, the state of Sinaloa is located at position 25 for dengue cases.

I could pick up

The official explained that this year there has been no death due to dengue.

It works to close 2019 without deaths for this disease that can be prevented.

In recent days mosquitoes have proliferated in several parts of the city after the rains, but many are of the culex species, which are only a nuisance, the one that is at risk is Aedes aegypti.

To attack the vector of dengue, zika, and chikungunya, Vector and Zoonosis personnel travel through the homes of the riskiest areas and there are intensified actions for the elimination of hatcheries and the application of abbe. Where cases or suspects are recorded, it is fumigated to attack the adult mosquito.

Source: el debate

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