Sinaloa stands out as a tourist destination, says Secretary of Tourism


The participation of the 18 municipalities in the program traveling pure Sinaloa, has positioned the state as one of the best destinations

The program of the secretary of tourism, traveling pure Sinaloa, has caused a rebound in the last months of the year because, on holidays, vacations and bridges, the visit of tourists in the state has crowded the 18 municipalities

Óscar Pérez Barros, secretary of tourism in Sinaloa, reported that this program has been progressing in recent months due to the participation of municipal mayors and the same society, with whom they have worked together to create new tourism routes.

“The 18 municipalities have been touched with the program and the mayors are putting the part that corresponds to them to attend well to the tourist who is traveling in pure Sinaloa, also the civil society has been involved in the program and the civil society itself receives to the tourist, “he said.

Barros mentioned that this year the most requested route was; Culiacán, Surutato, Mocorito, Guamúchil, running out of lodging on Mocorito on the last trip.

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The official said that Sinaloa is rich in destinations, towns and tourist spots and that there are still some unions to implement the program because they require coordination to provide good service and attention to tourists.

Followed by Mazatlan as the first tourist port, is Altata Navolato Bay, exceeding the expectation of assistance for the weekend.

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Altata Sinaloa

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