Government of Mexico: a year sinking its largest airline


The Government of Mexico, headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, celebrates its first anniversary on December 1, in a period in which the great measures it has taken in aeronautics were all a blow against the largest airline in the country, Aeromexico.

The federal Executive who is now one year old began leaving the country without the capital airport in Texcoco that would have led to a leap forward for the economy of Mexico, encouraging the vote against in a consultation for air traffic to be distributed in a third terminal located in Saint Lucia, and Aeromexico being the most affected by this measure.

The Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, along with this measure of great long-term importance, welcomed as one of its eight economic advisors the owner of Interjet, Miguel Alemán, after which came an unprecedented support with public resources to the largest competitor of Aeromexico , which was rescued with federally owned Bancomext credits ( The AMLO government rescues Interjet with Bancomext credit ).

In June, AMLO released a letter in which businessman Alberto Baillères shows his support for the possibility that the United States would have set a 5 percent tax on imports from Mexico, while also citing in this regard to the owner of Interjet, Miguel Alemán

But more recently, on Thursday, the president of Mexico announced that the Government was going to help Interjet in its debt problem in the face of its dispute with Televisa, and he stressed that “we have an obligation to support national companies. We are going to be pending to help them not break ”( Interjet: AMLO offers to help the Germans to avoid bankruptcy ).

And the third point that hit Aeromexico the most, along with airport policy and open aid to its great rival, was to give Emirates permission to compete on a flight between Mexico City and Barcelona, ​​exercising the fifth freedom in Spain

Given this, Volaris historically upset Aeromexico, Interjet and Viva Aerobus in passenger traffic during the first eight months of the year, when 3 out of 10 people traveled to domestic destinations with this airline, thanks to juice the bad streaks of its competitors Interjet and Aeroméxico, which record negative figures in passengers transported.

Volaris took advantage of the lack of Interjet personnel when operating certain routes, whose debt crisis is mainly due to a complicated fleet management of its Russian aircraft, as well as taking advantage of the lack of available seating capacity of Aeromexico, afflicted also of the flying bans of its Boeing 737 Max model ( Aeromexico, Interjet and Viva suffer losses at the start of the year ).

In sum, the first year of AMLO has been marked in aeronautical matters in a succession of measures that had the effect of sinking the largest airline in the country by number of fleet, revenues and international routes, as Aeromexico was the most affected by the cancellation of what would have been the main Latin American airport, and for public support for its competitors.

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