The Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan is on a mission


The Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan is a decentralized public body of the Municipal Public Administration with legal personality and its own assets, empowered to carry out actions in the field of promotion and dissemination of culture and artistic education in the Municipality of Mazatlan.

The Institute of Culture was created on July 2, 2005 with the conviction of stimulating artistic creation as a sensitizing and transforming element of society.

THE INSTITUTE OF CULTURE organizes the Mazatlan Carnival, directs and manages the schools and workshops of the Municipal Center of the Arts (CMA) and the Angela Peralta Theater.

The Institute works to raise the artistic quality in the municipality and project the talent of its artists and creators. In search of this objective, it promotes the professionalization of CMA students, produces high-level stage shows and promotes cultural exchange with other municipalities, states and countries.

THE INSTITUTE OF CULTURE promotes and disseminates culture and art as essential values ​​of the human being. Sensitize the population through shows of proven scenic quality, train new audiences for the appreciation of the performing arts and place Mazatlan in a privileged position within the tourist – cultural map, stand out among their priorities.

The Institute works with its own resources, receives support from the three levels of government to develop specific projects and from civil society that collaborates in its programs.