Mazatlan increases 100% personal crew in dengue prevention


Until yesterday said Department of Health Jurisdiction number 6 had no cases of dengue in the municipality

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- From 40 to 80 elements, the Vector department increased its staff, which faces the proliferation of dengue vector fly in the municipalities of the southern part of the state.

Víctor Arredondo Rojas, in charge of the state agency, informed that for a month the number of workers in his position in the Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 6 has increased.

They extended the contracts, and that benefits us and the community, by having more staff to counter the mosquito, through the different prevention campaigns

Arredondo Rojas

With all these personnel, he said, they reinforce the last two months of the year, since they cannot be relied on because of the climate change, which is precisely not a limitation for the fly.

However, he acknowledges, with the cold people warm up more and keep their homes closed, which are factors in favor of reducing the presence of mosquitoes.

He clarified that the 40 new workers for the vector department will receive their payment from the federation, through the federal government budget.

Precisely, he said, the staff is waiting to receive their payment, which will be granted by a person who comes from Mexico City, who will be responsible for delivering the remuneration.


Arredondo Rojas said that so far they have not had a dengue registry, except for suspicious cases that have not been confirmed, but are treated through preventive campaigns to prevent the proliferation of the fly.

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Source: sol de mazatlan

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