Chapo Efron the young man with a great resemblance to Zac Efron and Chapo Guzmán


Recently the photograph of a young man they claim was viralized, is a combination between Zac Efron and Chapo Guzmán

Social networks constantly viralize comic events of the strangest, out of context situations, as it was last weekend, when a photograph that made many people laugh came to light, this is Chapo Efron, a young man who presents A great resemblance to two great figures.

El Chapo Efron is a combination of the American actor, Zac Efron and the Mexican capo, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the Chapo, that is why the netizens baptized him with a combination of names.

The identity of the young man who makes the ideal fusion between these two well-known figures is still unknown, but it has become the most viral of the week and will surely continue to be, as other images of the person have begun to emerge.

Internet users found a great resemblance in the young man of the two aforementioned celebrities, and although it has caused infinite teasing and laughter, there were those who explained that it can be a bit strange to see the combination of two totally different people.

And as usual, Chapo Efron began to get countless memes making fun of him and his curious appearance, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the images have obtained hundreds of reactions and thousands of accounts have shared them.

Source: el debate

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