Buen Fin ends well in Mazatlan


The Secretary of Public Security, Federico Rivas, considered that the presence of police officers in commercial areas was favorable

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The security operation that has been implemented since last Friday, the Ministry of Public Security of Mazatlan on the occasion of the commercial campaign “Buen Fin”, preliminary results in a favorable balance, without incidents reported by part of citizenship.

This was announced by the head of this agency, Federico Rivas Valdés, who highlighted the high influx of buyers in the different shopping malls and department stores, where the modules of the Municipal Preventive Police will be maintained until the early hours of Tuesday.

“We are about to finish, today is the last official day. We continue to follow the instructions given to us by the Mayor, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, of being close to all this important activity, ”he said.

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The Secretary of Public Security highlighted the participation of federal corporations in this strategy and clarified that, in the case of a fact registered in the community of El Quemado, it is foreign to the operation of the Buen Fin.

“We have an important participation of other forces here in the city that support us such as the National Guard, the Army, the Navy and the prosecutors, which have been available for any need. There has been no relevant act. It has passed with total normality this weekend. Today in the morning we had an alert on the part of C4 of a criminal activity that was being consummated in the area of ​​El Quelite, in El Quemado, very foreign to the Buen Fin, and that some characters are detained, and they remain in the area our colleagues in the armed forces, ”added Rivas Valdés.

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