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Mazatlan SSPyTM modules will be active until early Tuesday


Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Until the early hours of Tuesday, the attention modules that the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit placed in shopping centers during Buen Fin will remain, said Federico Rivas Valdés, head of the corporation.

He explained that it is an administration strategy headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, designed to ensure the safety of people who take advantage of the discount campaign and go shopping.

“It is an operation with which we must give the guarantees to the citizens so that they can go shopping safely and we can do it; We are distributed in the commercial areas of Mazatlan, likewise in the downtown area and the rest of the partners who are distributed in the sectors, are doing patrolling where the citizen could appear to a trade to make use of the offers, so that it is a citizen benefit weekend, ”he said.

Rivas Valdés reiterated the invitation to citizens to make their purchases with common sense and not expose themselves.

“That they try to plan the purchases, that they know to which commercial place they are going to go, that is in working hours, mainly during the hours of daylight, also to avoid bringing large amounts of cash. The same if they are going to the cashiers, use those that are in sight of all the people, or that are well lit and in the case that they require custody service, that please directly and very confident approach a policeman and through the radio they will request to provide support with a unit so that they can accompany you to your home, ”he said.

On the first day of the Buen Fin there were no reports of incidents in commercial areas before the Ministry of Public Security.

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