2 Tourists Saved at Isla de la Piedra by Mazatlan Life Guards


Mazatlan.- The strong swell that occurred on Sunday in Mazatlan beaches, gave a great scare to two tourists who were dragged by the sea currents, but fortunately, they managed to be rescued in time safe and sound.

The event was recorded on the Isla de la Piedra around 2 in the afternoon.

Agents of the SSPyTM Aquatic Rescue Squadron made a surveillance tour of the beach in that community, when they observed that two swimmers had difficulty getting back to the beach.

The lifeguards, supported by three workers on the banana ride service, together managed to rescue the two people, who were taken out safely.

They said they were brothers and their name was Mario Alberto “N” and Miguel Ángel “N”, 25 and 21 years old respectively, from Durango, who presented only fatigue.


On the other hand, ESA elements provided support to a young tourist who vanished on Del Mar Avenue.

When touring the beach area, the agents were alerted that a young woman was passed out on the ground, next to the Pulmonía monument.

She was identified as Kasandra Guadalupe “N”, 17 years old, originally from Guamúchil, who apparently presented an epilepsy problem, so she was assisted and finally transferred by her family to a hospital for evaluation, as they were already leaving Mazatlan

Source: pmxportal

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