Profeco will monitor the businesses of Mazatlan during El Buen Fin


Sellers who commit administrative offenses will receive penalties for up to 200 thousand pesos, depending on the size of the establishment

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- El Buen Fin and the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office in Sinaloa are about to implement a special surveillance operation to serve consumers, personally supervising visits to businesses that join the initiative.

The head of the Profeco office, Miguel Ángel Murillo, explained that as of this Friday the actions will be launched in the stores registered in said program so that they comply with the announcements on offers, packages, and promotions.

He called the population to report any abuse they receive from merchants and service providers during the Buen Fin program, which will take place from November 15 to 18.

We will be checking that they are really promotions, I call on the merchants to respect the citizens, people have approached me to tell me, licensed I already have identified the product, I hope the Buen Fin is really offers.

Miguel Angel Murillo

He warned that the economy of the families will not be tolerated, and if the suppliers incur an administrative fault, they will receive penalties of up to 200 thousand pesos, depending on the size of the establishment.

He added that the staff will work on a regular schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the offices and in the modules that will be installed in the main commercial plazas, as they are spaces where most consumers go, but without neglecting the rest of the shops in the smallest municipalities.

We will be closely with the citizens, recover the credibility of the consumer, we want to cover most of the merchants, in the case of Mazatlan, we will have attention modules in the Grand Plaza, Acaya, Galleries, and open offices. 

Miguel Angel Murillo

To facilitate purchases, Profeco invited people to check the website Who is Who in the Prices of the Buen Fin 2019, which contains an extensive list of shops that offer their products, which must be respected at the time of acquiring them


In this Buen Fin it is recommended to demand in writing the guarantee of your purchase in order to claim before the Profeco any defect in electronic equipment, appliances, computers, clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry, vehicles, tourist trips, among others.

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