“Evo Morales sold cocaine to the Sinaloa Cartel and was the partner of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán”


The renowned Peruvian journalist also spoke about the concept of “coup d’etat” and the strategy of “victimization” of the resigned Bolivian president


Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly dedicated much of his program to the fall of Evo Morales and said that the deposed president of Bolivia had done business for years with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and that caused a certain economic boom in the country of ” Heart of South America “.

Bayly, one of the most lucid critics of 21st Century Socialism inaugurated by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, said that what happened last Sunday represented “ a failure of Chavista chess in Latin America ” and “ a libertarian triumph in favor of democracy”. ” Evo has been a dictator for almost 14 years in Bolivia, ” said the driver and said, ” he complains that the indignant population of his abuses and abuses has taken justice into his own hands .”

In addition, he highlighted how the stampede of the entire Bolivian government led by Morales was. “ Everyone quit. They quit because they were dying of fear. It was a disruption. So that, representatives of a cheater politician who had already been fraudulently re-elected twice, hid, ”he said.

Then, the driver made reference to the Chapare region and the businesses that the indigenous leader had carried out, according to his information, with the Sinaloa Cartel , the Mexican criminal organization conducted for years by “El Chapo” Guzmán , today convicted of life as a drug dealer in a prison in the United States . “ I suppose he will have carried some briefcases, bags that he had in the Chapare. Chapare was to the Independent Republic of Emperor Evo Morales, “he denounced in his last program aired on Tuesday night. He added:”He presided over the six coca federations. The sowing of coca has multiplied by ten and then by 15 since he took office in 2006. He legalized the expansion of coca cultivation in Chapare. ”

” 94% of all the coca that was sown, was processed and turned into cocaine right there, in laboratories that Evo Morales had built with Bolivian money. And he sold that cocaine to the Mexicans, mainly to the Sinaloa Cartel, whose planes they landed in the clandestine airports and in others that Evo Morales built. He will miss those hundreds or billions of dollars he has obtained selling cocaine to Mexicans mainly, as in the 80s he sold cocaine to Pablo Escobar, ”said Bayly .

Jaime Bayly in his last program broadcast from Miami where he linked Evo Morales with the Sinaloa Cartel (Bayly TV)
Jaime Bayly in his last program broadcast from Miami where he linked Evo Morales with the Sinaloa Cartel (Bayly TV)

The analyst did not cease to link the deposed Bolivian president with the narcotics of Sinaloa : “ I would offer prison asylum to Evo Morales, an asylum in a penitentiary, because he is the partner of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán and took advantage of having all the power immoderate, omnimous in Bolivia to become the head of a powerful drug cartel that did business with Mexican drug dealers for almost 14 years. You have to see the silver that Evo has earned, where is it hidden? 

Bayly also disarmed the “ victimization ” strategy that Morales tries to carry out after his resignation: “ The fact that he was an indigenous person or not is irrelevant, what should be noted is his behavior. And his behavior was deplorable, “he said and added:” The extreme poverty that has reduced the most is yours. Don Evo Morales is now a millionaire . ” ” Evo is victimized and plays the racial card, ” he concluded.

The journalist and political analysts, one of the greatest critics of the dictatorships that still exist in the region – those he identified as the Cuban, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan – had already questioned this last Monday to those who despised popular revolts by cataloging them as ” Coups .” “ The fall of a dictator is never a coup d’etat. There are obtuse, silly or ill-intentioned or left-wing people who say there was a coup in Bolivia. How can there be a coup d’etat when the resignation of a dictator is achieved? ” Bayly wondered on his show aired last night from Miami , where the driver has been based for years.

“ When the country regains its freedoms and regains its democracy, there can be no talk of a coup d’etat. But the left is insidious and poisoned and suggests that it has been a classic military coup because Williams Kaliman suggested he give up Morales, ” Bayly recalled .” He has differentiated himself from Bolivian genocidal generalsThe head of the Bolivian armed forces made him knowing the dictator was not subordinated to his appetites for unbridled repression and that was a courageous deed, “the journalist added.

Bayly also indicated that Morales ” cowed down ” and was ” afraid ” because “he knew that without the protection of the police on Friday and without that of the military on Sunday the people could take justice into their own hands and that is why he escaped .”

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