Funding is urgently needed to trigger furniture industry in Concordia


With this, you could buy the machines for the efficient elaboration of furniture and also stop wasting material

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- One of the projects that the municipality of Concordia is looking to trigger its economy, is through the industrialization of furniture through a furniture cluster, work that already began with the conformation of the producers, and with talks in different areas of private and government initiative.

Now there is only a lack of resources to buy the machines to start developing in this popular craft of the municipality, said the mayor of Concordia, Felipe Garzón López, who also said that he wants to take advantage of the real estate boom that Mazatlan is experiencing, with the investments into the city.

“Because here the important thing is to make our resources more efficient, do more with less, innovate with the materials that are being used, add value to what we know how to do and right now there is more interest in the real estate boom we have here in Mazatlan, Concordia and Mesillas , we can benefit from this boom. What do we require? We require financing.

He noted that there is a lot of material that is wasted, so it is sought to take advantage of smaller wooden items, which women could also work on.

“There is a lot of wood that is burning for lack of equipment, if we had more equipment, we could make broomsticks, we could make chopsticks, chopsticks for Chinese food, that kind of materials where the woman could work to be light material that is going to move. “

Garzón López said that at the Codesin meeting that took place last Monday in Mazatlan, the issue was discussed, since the financing that is required will have to come from different sectors due to the budget deficiency, he also said that they are knocking on doors with companies from Culiacán and Durango to talk about the project and start as soon as possible.

Source: linea directa

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