Mexico deportation and discrimination of indigenous Mexicans and Afro-Mexican descendants


Arbitrary detentions, harassment, and discrimination also continue towards people of African descent

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TUXTLA GUTIERREZ. The ideology of miscegenation that leads to the disbelief of Afro-Mexicans, the disproportionate presence of indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities in the areas most controlled by the National Migration Institute (INM), and the conflict between the Migration Law and the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States contribute to the detention and deportation of indigenous Mexicans and Afro-descendants, warn specialists.

Elizabeth Orem of the Institute for Women in Migration for Women in Migration, AC; Tanya Duarte, representative of the Afrodescendencia México association; Abraham Gómez Pascencia, leader of the Indigenous Migrant Coalition of Chiapas, AC and Anna Joseph, of the Institute for Women in Migration, AC, argue that there are several factors that contribute to the continued breach and perpetuation of racialized human rights violations by part of the agents of the INM in various states.

Despite legal decisions and regulations that prohibit the detention, enforced disappearance and deportation of indigenous Mexicans and Afro-descendants and the decisions and recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission and Executive Commission for Victim Assistance, the authorities continue to violate the law against Mexicans seeking better living conditions, indigenous defenders affirm.

Afro-Mexicans face systemic and institutional discrimination, that is, they are denied access to public health systems, to schools, are harassed and discriminated against in schools, employment, and housing, all because of skin color, the specialists lament.

Source: el sol de mexico

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