Commando steals armored truck and takes 47 gold bars worth 524 million pesos in Sonora


The amount of theft ranges between 6 and 8 million dollars and belonged to a subsidiary of Fresnillo

The company said in a statement that the incident occurred on Friday, without providing details about the events.

The amount stolen from Minera Penmont, a subsidiary of Fresnillo, would range between 6 and 8 million dollars, although the material was insured, the firm added in the note released on Sunday.

The theft was committed yesterday around nine o’clock at night (Pacific time) just at kilometer 157, on federal highway 002D, on the section of Caborca ​​to Sonoyta.

47 gold bullion, with an approximate value of about 524 million pesos, according to the standard price of this golden metal for this Saturday.

Each ounce of gold (ozt) has a value of 27 thousand 872 pesos. Each ingot weighs 400 ounces. So the 18 thousand 800 ounces representing the 47 ingots are priced at 524 million 8 thousand 344 pesos and 88 cents.

To achieve this blow the thieves beat and disarmed three of the security guards of the SVD company, who are reported stable.

A report held by the Process details that through the C5i there was knowledge of this robbery “at 9:10 p.m. on November 8, to the detriment of a transport, a securities company and where three security guards were injured. , who transported values ​​from the Noche Buena mine. ”

So far the modus operandi of theft is unknown, in which the industrial custodians only protected the valuable cargo with a fire force of three revolvers.

In a review of the financial report of the PLC Fresnillo, which is listed on the Mexican stock exchanges under the acronym FRES, it was learned that the Noche Buena mine produced 37,570 ounces.

If those 37 thousand 570 ounces are divided by 400, which are the ounces that make up an ingot, you have an amount of 93.9.

That is, Fresnillo PLC, in its Noche Buena PLC project, obtained almost 94 ingots derived from the extraction in the months of July, August and September and this Friday they stole half of its salable product.

Mexico is going through a wave of violence and insecurity linked to organized crime gangs that in recent years have diversified their activities to crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and fuel theft.

Source: todotexcoco, processo, forbesmx

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